When you see ducks swimming in a pond, they appear calm, as if they are gliding on the surface with ease.  However if you look below the water, you see the constant effort it takes to propel the duck forward.   The Trick is to make it look easy, while underneath you’re paddling like hell.   Rest assured our easy demeanor is only a façade.  Your business is important to us, and we are constantly paddling to provide exceptional results.

Aside from providing a good visual description of how we like to work, the duck has many other attributes we feel captures the MDO spirit:

  • We are diligent.   Ducks sleep with one eye open to protect themselves from predators.
  • We are highly adaptable.  Ducks do not get cold feet; they can adapt to any condition.
  • We are resourceful.  Ducks can elude their enemies in many ways either by flying, running, swimming or diving for protection.
  • We are instinctive.  Ducks know when to migrate and forge ahead with confidence.
  • We are team players.   Ducks fly in a “V” formation to make it easier for the individual birds to fly.  They take turns handling the burden of being up front.

Professional Liability is not easy.  We just make it look that way.